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PMS Publishers Services Pte Ltd is one of Singapore's largest distributors of adult and high quality children's library books in Singapore. Headquartered in Singapore and operating in South East Asia, it distributes a wide range of products, including books, audio, video, multimedia CD-ROM's and related services to retail stores and libraries.

PMS Publishers Services
Our online corporate profile will show how we can help in your book distribution needs.

Books & More
To find out more about the value-added services offered by Books & More, click on the above link.

 Welcome to PMS Publishers Services
Best Source for Books: representing some of the world's leading publishers and providing the best titles to major book retailers in Singapore and Malaysia as well as libraries.

PMS Publishers Services has a large customer base is committed to providing excellent services.

 Library Services
Books & More Pte Ltd provides professional and enhanced library services, offering a host of services such as book collection development, processing, cataloguing and consultancy. Our existing clients include the public, school and institutional libraries.
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Last updated: 03 May 2012